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Dental Emergency

Lane Dental

Robert E. Lane, DMD, PA

Cosmetic & General Dentist located in Boca Raton, FL

When sudden or severe dental injuries crop up, you must seek prompt care. Whether you’ve chipped or lost a tooth, or are experiencing severe gum bleeding or tooth pain, Robert E. Lane DMD, PA can help. He provides emergency dental care and referrals for patients in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Deerfield Beach, Florida. Call Lane Dental straight away to learn more. If it’s not an urgent situation but you’d like to see a dentist as soon as possible, book an appointment using the online scheduler.

Dental Emergency Q & A

How do I know if I need emergency dental care?

Sports injuries, falls, other accidents, and eating particularly hard food can injure your teeth. Some dental injuries can wait for treatment, while others should be addressed right away.

If you have bleeding gums, broken teeth, sensitive teeth, or tooth pain that seem severe, contact Dr. Lane immediately. If a tooth has been knocked out, see Dr. Lane or head to a hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

What should I do if my tooth was knocked out?

If a tooth was knocked out, you can start addressing your symptoms until you can see Dr. Lane or reach an emergency room. If you still have the tooth, try to place it back into the socket. If it won’t go back into the socket, rinse it and keep it in a container of your saliva or milk.

Apply a wet, cold compress to the hole in your mouth to minimize bleeding. Biting a moist gauze or teabag can help. Really try not to swallow the tooth.

How are chipped teeth fixed?

A slightly chipped tooth is not considered an emergency. Dr. Lane can likely fix it with dental bonding or a veneer. When a large chip exposes or damages a tooth’s nerve tissue, you may need prompt care.

You’ll probably receive a temporary crown or veneer, and possibly a root canal treatment for a chipped or cracked tooth. The remaining tooth may even need to be extracted. A permanent porcelain crown or veneer will be ordered and later placed for long-lasting stability, if this happens.

When are bleeding gums an emergency?

Occasional, mild bleeding in the gums isn’t usually an emergency situation. If bleeding comes on suddenly or after an injury, you can try to manage the symptoms on your own. (If the bleeding is really intense, however, get help as soon as possible.)

To care for yourself at home, rinse your mouth out with mild salt water then apply pressure by biting on gauze or a tea bag for 15-20 minutes. A cold compress applied to your cheek outside the bleeding area can help reduce any sensitivity.

If the bleeding still doesn’t stop, see Dr. Lane or head to an emergency room.