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Advanced Technology


Kavo Electric Drills

It's time to forget about those noisy electric drills. Dr. Robert E. Lane D.M.D. uses state-of-the-art Kavo electric drills. We are proud to stand at the forefront of the most advanced technology available in dentistry. You may first notice our offices are significantly quieter than others in Boca Raton. These electric drills prove their worth well beyond their silence. The precision they offer is unparalleled, and are the superior tool for effective tooth restoration. 


Digital Imaging

We follow very strict guidelines in the use of the radiographs when detecting cavities, bone levels and the overall health of your teeth. Our digital imaging and x-rays are at the forefront of advanced technology, resulting in absolutely precise and accurate diagnostic images. 


Isolite System

Dr. Robert R. Lane D.M.D. utilizes the Isolite System for dry field isolation and patient comfort during their procedure. The Isolite allows Dr. Lane to focus his efforts on providing excellent care without potentially causing iatrogenic trauma to the patient. 


DIAGNOdent by KAVO Laser caries detection

The Diagnodent is a laser that is used to detect cavities in their early stage. This high-tech instrument, when used in collaboration with digital x-rays, allows your dentist to detect and treat cavities before they become a more expensive treatment. Dentists who utilize the Diagnodent in their practice don't have to worry whether or not a stained pit or fissure is developing a cavity. The Diagnodent provides a level of cares detection that a dental explorer is unable to identify as early. 

Sirona Primescam

The latest in digital technology for digital impressions for crowns. No more gooey, messy impression material, and very accurate crowns that can be processed in one day


Proudly serving Boca Raton

With Dr. Robert E. Lane D.M.D., you can relax and feel secure that you are in the most confident hands in Boca Raton. 


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